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March 5th, 2024


Jessica ​Qattawi

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“We deserve to feel safe in our city and to live a good quality of life. There are tons of policies that make it impossible and it’s time to change that!”

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Qattawi’s solutions

A Comprehensive Approach to Address Homelessness


Last year, our city allocated over $10 million to tackle the pressing issue of homelessness. Despite this huge investment, the situation has become significantly worse. In response, I propose a multifaceted solution that aims to create a safer and more supportive environment for our homeless population.

Solution Overview:

My plan comprises two essential components, each designed to address specific challenges faced by the homeless community.

1. Safe Shelter Spaces:

- Objective: Remove individuals from the streets and provide them with safe, dignified shelter.


- Designated Areas: We will establish designated areas, similar to open-air parking lots, where homeless individuals can set up tents.

- Covered Spaces: These spaces will be equipped with coverings to shield occupants from the elements.

- Collaboration: We will collaborate with existing nonprofit organizations that already receive funding for homeless services. These organizations will provide food and water on alternate days, ensuring that our efforts remain cost-effective for the city.

2. Comprehensive Support Campus:

- Objective: Empower homeless individuals to regain stability and improve their lives.

- Services Offered:

- Mental Health Care: Access to professional mental health services.

- Therapy: Counseling and emotional support.

- Job Training: Equipping individuals with skills for employment.

- Inspirational Classes: Motivational sessions to foster personal growth.

- Evaluations: Regular assessments to track progress and tailor support.

- Strategic Location: The campus will be situated just outside the safe shelter space, ensuring accessibility without centralizing the homeless population.


While refining this plan, I have requested information on available city properties and land. Implementing these measures won't be easy, but with determination and community support, we can create a safer, more compassionate city for all residents. Together, we can make a difference. 🌟

Project Funding Proposal: Creating Opportunities for Homeless Support


We propose an initiative aimed at addressing homelessness within our community. By leveraging existing resources and seeking additional funding, we can make a tangible impact. Our approach combines allocated budget funds with strategic grant acquisition to create a sustainable solution.

Funding Sources:

1. Allocated Budget: We will utilize the budget already earmarked for community development. These funds serve as our foundation, ensuring continuity and stability.

2. Grant Opportunities: Our state and federal government offers various grant programs specifically designed to combat homelessness. By tapping into these resources, we can amplify our impact.

Action Plan:

1. Research and Outreach: We will actively explore available grants, understanding the criteria and alignment with our project goals. This involves collaborating with local agencies, nonprofits, and government bodies.

2. Proposal Development: Crafting compelling grant proposals requires creativity and precision. We'll emphasize the project's significance, feasibility, and potential outcomes.

3. Advocacy and Networking: Building relationships with stakeholders is crucial. We'll engage with community leaders, philanthropic organizations, and potential funders.

4. Budget Management: Transparent financial planning ensures efficient utilization of funds. We'll allocate resources judiciously, prioritizing impactful interventions.

Restoring Safety: A Community-Driven Approach


As our city grapples with a growing homeless crisis, our collective sense of safety hangs in the balance. Fear not, for I have a plan—a plan that combines compassion with practical action. Together, we can reclaim our streets and parks, ensuring safety for all.

My Strategy:

1. Prioritizing Safety

- Objective: Empower our police force to protect and serve.

- Action: We must get our homeless population off the streets. Visit our website for the detailed plan.

2. Petitioning for Change

- Objective: Remove barriers hindering our police.

- Action: Rally local leaders to sign a petition. Let's amend laws—like Prop 47—that burden our community and limit our officers' effectiveness.

3. Personal Commitment

- Objective: Hands-on dedication.

- Action: I pledge to personally deliver the petition to Sacramento. But it doesn't end there. I'll work closely with our police department to restore safety, no matter what it takes.


Change begins with us. Let's reclaim our streets, our parks, and our sense of security. Join us in this vital mission. Together, we'll make it happen.

Enhancing Quality of Life for Riverside Residents


As a dedicated advocate for our community, I am committed to improving the quality of life for every resident in Riverside. My multifaceted approach focuses on three critical areas: reducing utility costs, creating affordable housing through the Riverside Residents Affordable Housing (RRAH) initiative, and providing essential support for our seniors.

1. Lowering Utility Costs

The Challenge

Utility costs have skyrocketed, burdening families and impacting their daily lives. We cannot ignore this pressing issue.

My Solution:

- Research-Driven Action: I've delved into the matter, and it's clear: our city lacks the right to impose such drastic increases. As your elected representative, I will address this immediately.

2. Affordable Housing: The RRAH Initiative

The Problem

The rising cost of housing has become a catalyst for homelessness. We need a sustainable solution.

The Vision:

- Remodel, Not Rebuild: Leveraging existing city-owned buildings, we can create affordable housing without additional construction costs. Let's transform what we have into homes that align with the average citizen's income. Welcome to the Riverside Residents Affordable Housing (RRAH).

3. Supporting Our Seniors

The Concern

Seniors on fixed incomes face mounting challenges as prices escalate. We owe them better.

Our Commitment:

- Nonprofits and Programs: I'll collaborate with nonprofits to provide essential aid for our seniors. Additionally, I propose a comprehensive package: a single monthly fee covering housing, utilities, and even free food programs.


Our city brims with untapped potential. Let's harness our resources, empower our residents, and elevate our quality of life. Together, we can make Riverside a place where everyone thrives.

Empowering Our City: A Vision for Community Engagement and Inspiration

As your mayor, I am committed to fostering a vibrant and connected community. Here are the key components of my plan:

1. Active Listening and Results-Driven Approach:

- Regular group meetings and open forums will be a priority. I will actively engage with residents, listen to their concerns, and work collaboratively to find solutions.

- Transparency and accountability will guide our actions. Together, we'll turn feedback into tangible results.

2. Motivational Community Events:

- Let's organize free community events that ignite passion and inspire our residents. From cultural festivals to wellness workshops, these gatherings will foster a sense of unity and purpose.

- Imagine a local park filled with families, laughter, and shared experiences—a testament to our thriving community spirit.

3. Investing in Lifelong Learning:

- Education is empowerment. I propose a city-sponsored program that supports individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

- Through scholarships and partnerships with trade schools, we'll equip our residents with valuable skills. Whether it's learning a trade or pursuing higher education, everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

4. Being an Inspirational Leader:

- As your mayor, I am not just an administrator; I am a motivator. I'll lead by example, demonstrating resilience, empathy, and a commitment to progress.

- Sometimes, all it takes is a listening ear and a word of encouragement to transform lives. I am dedicated to being that person for our community.

Together, we'll build a city where every resident feels heard, inspired, and empowered. Let's turn our collective vision into reality! 🌟🏙️


RIVERSIDE, CA – [OCTOBER 19, 2023] – Jessica Qattawi is thrilled to declare her candidacy for Riverside, California's Mayor. Qattawi's vision is to lead Riverside's diverse community towards prosperity, leveraging her deep ties and community service commitment. As a long-standing resident, she's determined to address the city's challenges and give back.

With an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Qattawi embarked on a new journey in advertising after dedicating more than seven years to the radio industry. In 2016, she took the plunge and established NV Media, LLC, situated in downtown Riverside on Mission Inn Avenue. At NV Media, LLC, the core mission revolves around serving both the local and community at large by helping businesses and organizations meet their goals for growth. NV Media, LLC proudly has an in-house podcast studio where Qattawi presently serves as the host of the "What's Up Inland Empire" podcast. This podcast shines a spotlight on local businesses and the influential leaders who are actively shaping the future.

In addition to Qattawi’s position at NV Media, she has served for the past three years as the Board Marketing Chair for The Unforgettables Foundation - Inland Empire. “The mission of The Unforgettables Foundation is to assist at risk and grieving families with finances to help them afford a timely and dignified funeral for their child.”


Qattawi has also been an engaged member of the American Advertising Federation - Inland Empire chapter since 2016, with a notable three-year term as President from 2018 to 2021. The American Advertising Federation, established in 1905, is the unifying voice for advertising. The organization protects and promotes the well being of advertising, through a unique, nationally coordinated grassroots network of brands, agencies, media companies, local advertising clubs and college chapters. https://www.inlandempireaaf.com/ / https://www.aaf.org/

Qattawi is committed to bringing her expertise and passion to the Mayor's office, focusing on several key areas:

  • Economic Development: Qattawi aims to foster a thriving business environment in Riverside by promoting job growth, supporting local businesses, and attracting new industries.

  • Community Engagement: Qattawi believes in the power of community involvement and plans to create opportunities for residents to have their voices heard. "Riverside is home to a community of smart and hard working individuals, all deserving of having their concerns addressed, and I am eager to listen to your voices!" - Qattawi

  • Public Safety: Ensuring the safety and well-being of Riverside's residents is a top priority, and Qattawi will work with law enforcement agencies and community organizations to maintain a secure environment including an action plan to solve the houseless crisis in the City of Riverside.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Being a passionate hiker and frequent visitor to Riverside's parks and trails, Qattawi is dedicated to the ongoing conservation of Riverside's stunning natural landscapes. She is committed to championing eco-friendly approaches and projects that safeguard our environment.

  • Education, Arts & Innovation: Qattawi believes in embracing the power of the arts and innovation. She will continue to foster creativity, cultural expression and forward-thinking initiatives.

Qattawi's candidacy emphasizes inclusivity, transparency, and dedication to Riverside's well-being. She'll engage with residents and organizations to shape her campaign platform based on their needs and aspirations. Join Jessica Qattawi in building a stronger, vibrant Riverside.

Media Contact: NV Media, LLC / ‪(909) 213-3121 / Email: info@jessicaqformayor.com


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